Cdn Payroll July 1 errors

Since the tax update was installed for July 1 for Canadian Payroll, our 
Detail Range Reports do not have the proper data. I noticed that CPY30260 has 
not been updated!!!  this is not good. I contacted our vendor to see if this 
is a known issue.

There is a round2 tax update that does not affect our province so I have not 
installed it. I was waiting for round3 which has not been released yet.

Is anyone else aware of this? We have not seen any errors during Update 
Masters. Our YTD amounts and T4 amounts appear to be correct.

barbola (98)
8/8/2007 3:16:12 PM
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never mind 

"barbola" wrote:

> Since the tax update was installed for July 1 for Canadian Payroll, our 
> Detail Range Reports do not have the proper data. I noticed that CPY30260 has 
> not been updated!!!  this is not good. I contacted our vendor to see if this 
> is a known issue.
> There is a round2 tax update that does not affect our province so I have not 
> installed it. I was waiting for round3 which has not been released yet.
> Is anyone else aware of this? We have not seen any errors during Update 
> Masters. Our YTD amounts and T4 amounts appear to be correct.
> thanks.
barbola (98)
8/8/2007 4:10:01 PM

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