Can't see Smartlist report

I've built a simple smartlist from the smartlist builder (vr 9.0) that 
doesn't show up in the smartlist.

After building the smartlist, under options, I've check the box to "Display 
in ReportList".  I've run the Smartlist Maint to refresh the cache and I have 
full security.
I don't know where to go next.


6/5/2008 12:47:01 PM
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You have to also go into SmartList security and grant yourself (or
anyone else you want to see the report) access to it.

Frank Hamelly
East Coast Dynamics
fhamelly1 (1404)
6/5/2008 12:52:48 PM

Have you granted access to that SmartList in Advanced Security?  Even if you 
are logged into GP as 'sa' GP 9.0 will not show your new SmartLists until 
you grant access to them.

Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP
Flexible Solutions - home of GP Reports

"Merle Schwickerath" <> wrote in 
> I've built a simple smartlist from the smartlist builder (vr 9.0) that
> doesn't show up in the smartlist.
> After building the smartlist, under options, I've check the box to 
> "Display
> in ReportList".  I've run the Smartlist Maint to refresh the cache and I 
> have
> full security.
> I don't know where to go next.
> Thanks

victoria (3340)
6/5/2008 1:00:58 PM

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