Bill-To Addresses Saved with SOP Documents, Not from Cust Card

For SOP documents (quotes/orders particularly), would like to be able to have 
document-specific Bill-To Addresses -- one-off Bill-To that would the follow 
doc to history and transfer to the Invoice.  

In other words, when you select a bill-to address that is pulled from the 
list of the Customer's addresses, you should be able to modify that address 
for that order only (without necessarily changing the the original address 
from the Customer address list).

This would be useful for specific situations such:  1. a purchasing agent 
placing the order wants the invoice sent to him/her directly, or 2.  Have the 
billing address on the invoice reflect the same address as the billing 
address for a credit card that was used for that order.

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Brown (37)
9/1/2005 7:57:02 PM
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