Aging report table for accounts receivable

Can somebody tell me what is the table for a/r aging..I want to make 
query/view in sql server 2005
7/23/2009 8:41:02 PM
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You need to use RM20101 and RM10201 tables. You need to use date functions 
to get the aging for your view based on document date or due date field. If 
your aging is setup to be by Doc Date, Consider Doc Date and If it is due 
date, you should be taking it by Due Date.
Janakiram M.P.

"" wrote:

> Can somebody tell me what is the table for a/r aging..I want to make 
> query/view in sql server 2005
janakirammp (688)
7/23/2009 8:58:01 PM

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