Advanced Earned Income Credit not posting to GL correctly.

We just did our first payrun with an EIC amount. It is set up to post to an 
account 000-2050-00. In Gross Pay (DR) it is setup Dept - ALL, Position - 
ALL, Code - EIC, Account - 000-2050-00. 

The EIC amount did not post to 000-2050-00. (At this time I'm not sure where 
it posted). Does anyone have any insight into this issue? 
BobHarrison (192)
1/7/2009 8:06:19 PM
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Found my answer. We have a posting setup that has Dept - Position - ALL which 
takes precedence over ALL, ALL, Code. So I'll just have to setup all Dept - 
Position combinations with EIC. (I wish EIC was not treated as a Pay Code.)

"Bob Harrison" wrote:

> We just did our first payrun with an EIC amount. It is set up to post to an 
> account 000-2050-00. In Gross Pay (DR) it is setup Dept - ALL, Position - 
> ALL, Code - EIC, Account - 000-2050-00. 
> The EIC amount did not post to 000-2050-00. (At this time I'm not sure where 
> it posted). Does anyone have any insight into this issue? 
BobHarrison (192)
1/8/2009 7:19:01 PM

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