Adding a table connection in report writer

I would like to add some user defined fields that we use for project names 
etc on our pick tickets. I can access them on my packing slip reports but I 
have to establish a table connection to I believe the Sales User Defined Work 
History Table to make the fields available for this report in report writer. 
Can someone direct me?
tstrop (66)
2/28/2008 5:08:00 PM
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The relationship between the tables for this link is already defined, so on 
the report definition window click on the Tables button, click on Sales 
Transaction Work, click on New, click on Sales User-Defined Work History, 
click OK.

When the relationship does not exist you can add it by opening the source 
table definition and adding the relationship to the target table.

For other situations where you are unable to create the relationship between 
the tables, you can use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) (if it is 
registered) to read any data from the SQL tables and display it on a report.  
I have examples of this method, please get your partner to contact me on the 
address below (remove the online. first) and request a version (v8, v9, v10).

David Musgrave [MSFT]
Escalation Engineer - Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics Support - Asia Pacific

Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions)

Any views contained within are my personal views and 
not necessarily Microsoft Business Solutions policy.
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, 
and confers no rights.  

"tstrop" wrote:

> I would like to add some user defined fields that we use for project names 
> etc on our pick tickets. I can access them on my packing slip reports but I 
> have to establish a table connection to I believe the Sales User Defined Work 
> History Table to make the fields available for this report in report writer. 
> Can someone direct me?
dmusgrav1 (1325)
2/29/2008 1:02:09 AM

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