wrong directory access server


One of my exchange server(AD child domain A) is pointing to the wrong 
directory access server in the properties of the exchange server.
The site in which this exchange server resides contains other two AD domains 
B anc C .
For some reasons I see that my exchange server is pointing to the domain 
controllers of domains B and C for DS and Global catalog queries.
Can I remove the auto discovery and point to the right domain controllers.Is 
this recommended? Any other solution?

Vinod Kumar
Vinod1 (29)
4/27/2007 9:24:07 PM
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YES - you can headcore the DS Access to point to one direction (one GC/DC) 
but it's not RECOMONDED.

The problem is DS Access uses a round robin rule to understand and detect 
servers in the network. If you have this problem pointing to another GC - 
then you better check your DNS servers first.

Need more info to help you.

Ruwan Dissanayake

"Vinod" <Vinod@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> One of my exchange server(AD child domain A) is pointing to the wrong
> directory access server in the properties of the exchange server.
> The site in which this exchange server resides contains other two AD 
> domains
> B anc C .
> For some reasons I see that my exchange server is pointing to the domain
> controllers of domains B and C for DS and Global catalog queries.
> Can I remove the auto discovery and point to the right domain 
> controllers.Is
> this recommended? Any other solution?
> -- 
> Vinod Kumar 

ruwan (6)
4/30/2007 5:38:18 AM

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