Who wants a shot at this error?

Who wants a shot at this error?
Nothing in google nothing at microsoft site...
I get this error
The DSRestore Filter failed to connect to local SAM server. Error returned 
is <id:997>. Event 1005

I get this in the application event viewer..
Not sure if this is exchange at all? Need to start somewhere.

Bryceum (10)
4/25/2005 7:28:03 AM
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Hello Bryce,

DSRestore's job is to synch the domain admin password with the dsrm password.  The 
dsrestore process will run every 30 mins to verify that the passwords are in synch.  If they are 
not, dsretore will synch them.  The 1005 error indicates that dsrestore was unable to connect to 
the SAM and verify the passwords are in synch when the server boots.  My guess is that it fails 
at boot due to a race condition.  If the process fails it does not run again until the server is 
rebooted.  As a workaround you can manually reset the DSRM password to match the domain 
admin password by using ntdsutil.  See 322672 How To Reset the Directory Services Restore 
Mode Administrator Account

Thank you for your post.

Kenny Wood
PSS Security
Microsoft Corporation

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| Who wants a shot at this error?
| Nothing in google nothing at microsoft site...
| I get this error
| The DSRestore Filter failed to connect to local SAM server. Error returned 
| is <id:997>. Event 1005
| I get this in the application event viewer..
| Not sure if this is exchange at all? Need to start somewhere.
| -- 
| Thanks

Kenwood (19)
5/1/2005 2:27:43 AM

Did the steps on the article and still get the error, any more ideas

DiRt DeVi
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11/14/2005 3:15:36 PM

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