Virus in .mmd file


I speek english not well....I know.

My anti-virus (norton) find a virus in a .MMD file stored in following
folder :

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft BackOffice\Connectivity\POP3

But the antivirus cannot access to this file, how i can remove this file ???


4/15/2004 3:17:36 PM
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Configure NAV to exclude any data directories of Exchange (and other 
server products), otherwise file-level antivirus might damage databases. 
  Then, in order to protect yourself from viruses, get Exchange-aware 

J�r�my taverne wrote:

> Hello,
> I speek english not well....I know.
> My anti-virus (norton) find a virus in a .MMD file stored in following
> folder :
>     C:\Program Files\Microsoft BackOffice\Connectivity\POP3
> Connector\InForward\
> But the antivirus cannot access to this file, how i can remove this file ???
> Thanks
kpalagin1 (1216)
4/15/2004 4:36:21 PM

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