User gets married

I have a user who has just gotten married, need to know if there is a way to 
have to email address on one mailbox?
Marcotte (1)
1/9/2006 4:00:04 PM
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You can leave the original SMTP address and simply add the new one to her 
account.  You can then also set the new SMTP to be her default reply to 
address but any email sent to the original will still be accepted as inbound.

"David Marcotte" wrote:

> I have a user who has just gotten married, need to know if there is a way to 
> have to email address on one mailbox?
Transam388 (53)
1/9/2006 3:41:04 PM

The easiest was to accomplish this is the edit the user in Active Directory 
Users and Computers, by right clicking on the user and choosing Rename.  
After you edit the user,  apply the changes, and close the dialog box, right 
click the user again and then click on Properties and edit the email address 
on the account tab; this will create a new and default SMTP address, keeping 
the original in place. 

To prove this, click on the Email Address tab and note the two SMTP 
addresses.  That is all you have to do; now email addressed to either email 
address will be delivered to her mailbox.  Hope this helps…

Vincent Martin
MS Exchange 2003 Administrator 
MCSE/ MCSA /Win2000

"David Marcotte" wrote:

> I have a user who has just gotten married, need to know if there is a way to 
> have to email address on one mailbox?
VeMartin (30)
1/9/2006 6:41:02 PM

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