Upgrade Swing Mode SSL Question

Hello everybody

I want to upgrade my E2k3 server which is running W2kS to the W2k3S.
I set up a new E2k3S to act as a swing server, but I have a SSL associated 
to the alias webmail.mydomian.pt

When I move a mailbox to the swing server I not able to connect to OWA 
because the address changes to swinghostname.mydomain.pt.

How can I move mailboxes without disabling SSL certificate?

Thank you all very much,
Filipa Gaudêncio

Lipa (14)
3/27/2006 3:17:02 PM
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This is not really going to be possible unless you have a frontend server as 
the DNS entry for webmail.mydomain.pt is going to be pointing to a single IP 
address. Exporting the certificate from the old server to the new server is 
a step you can take at any time but you'll have to provide your users with a 
new fqdn to connect to while they are on the swing server. They will receive 
a warning when they connect via SSL with the new fqdn because the 
certificate won't match but at least the connection will be secure.

"Lipa" <Lipa@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Hello everybody
> I want to upgrade my E2k3 server which is running W2kS to the W2k3S.
> I set up a new E2k3S to act as a swing server, but I have a SSL associated
> to the alias webmail.mydomian.pt
> When I move a mailbox to the swing server I not able to connect to OWA
> because the address changes to swinghostname.mydomain.pt.
> How can I move mailboxes without disabling SSL certificate?
> Thank you all very much,
> Filipa Gaud�ncio

imaneophyte (3004)
3/27/2006 4:03:27 PM

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