Unable to open default email folder . Exchange 2003 , Outlook 2003

Hey all ,

I am experiencing a very weird issue at the moment and i am getting really 
worried that it will speard all over our domain. Last weekend we installed 
SP1 on Exchange 2003 and since we noticed this issue:

I had one user on Tuesday that was trying to connect to the Exchange server 
(we use cached mode) and once he entered his username and password Outlook 
tried to connect 3 times and then straight away it says Disconnected. 

I log in as him and I then tick and untick on Work Offline so Outlook can 
try to connect but after 3 tries the same Disconnected status is reported. If 
i check the connection status on Outlook 2003 (Pressing CTRL + Right Click on 
the Outlook Icon) it says connected. 

I removed the cached mode for that users profile and if i try to log in as 
him it comes up with the error:

"Unable to open default e-mail folder. You need to connect to the exchange 
server computer ..........." 

Ok so i try OWA for that user and no issues are all.

Then i add that user to the domain admins group and it works fine.!! NOT A 

Today the same has happended to another user!! He belongs to the same OU as 
the previous user and once i added him to the Domain Admin group it works 

If i remove them from the admin group it doesnt work. 

Permisssions are all as per default but something has gone wrong since the 
update to SP1. 

If this continues then i will have to make all our users Domain Admins 

Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Vlachakis (1)
3/11/2005 4:29:02 PM
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