Unable to change email password


Here is my problem, I tried to change my email password by choosing Outlook 
login screen "Change Password" button, but received an error message "Your 
Windows password could not be changed, Please check the information and try 

I have upgraded our Exchange system from 2000 to 2003 SP1 about six months 
ago, and never had that problem while at Exchange 2000, here is our setup -

1. Client - Outlook 2002 SP3
2. Server - Exchange 2003 server (Windows 2003 SP1) and Active Directory 
server (Still on Windows 2000 SP4).
3. We have Novell servers, so each workstation has netware client installed.
4. Each workstation is NOT on the same domain with AD domain controller.
5. Logon Network Security is "none".

I have also tried to use Tools -> Options -> Other -> Advanced Options -> 
Custom Forms -> Change Password function, but the strange thing is it only 
work at first time. The only work around now is by using OWA to change 
password, hopefully there is way to make this work without adding every 
workstation to AD domain.

Thank you very much.


Kevin105 (377)
1/25/2006 12:39:02 AM
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