Top level Public folder

I am moving mailbox users and P.folder to a new server
in site. Mailbox is ok, but after stopping the Exch. 
services on the first site, I can't get access to the
p.folder folder in Exch. adminstrator. I get an error 
message about that the server is not available, and
the error c1030745.  (And, yes, I have conf. replicas and 
new home server for the other folders.) 

Anyone that has any suggestions why this happens, and
what to doo about it ?


anonymous (74722)
11/12/2003 9:54:08 AM
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One reason:

In Exchange Administrator....get the properties of your private information 
store.  On the general it pointing to the correct public folder 
server to access public folders and create new ones?  Change it to itself.

I hope this helps

Gayle Heizer, MCSE
Microsoft Exchange Support


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gaylehei (20)
11/12/2003 12:32:37 PM
Yes, it is pointing to the new folder. And to day, when I 
tried again to stop the services on the first server,
some users did get access to the folders. But others
did not. And got the error message saying that it was 
unable to expand the folder. The set of folders coul not 
be opened. The MS. Exch. server computer is not available. 
Etc. etc.

Does anyone have a clue ?

>-----Original Message-----
>One reason:
>In Exchange Administrator....get the properties of your 
private information 
>store.  On the general it pointing to the 
correct public folder 
>server to access public folders and create new ones?  
Change it to itself.
>I hope this helps
>Gayle Heizer, MCSE
>Microsoft Exchange Support
>Please reply directly to the thread with any updates. You 
may receive this 
>email notification before you are able to view my reply 
in the newsgroup.
>Please do not send email directly to this alias. This 
alias is for newsgroup
>purposes only.
>This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and 
confers no rights.
anonymous (74722)
11/13/2003 7:19:41 AM

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