Time zone attribute


  Is the time zone attribute an AD attribte or Exchagne attribute?

Suppose, My mailbox is newly created in UK server & I'm at India. My client 
machine's time zone is set to india (new delhi, calcutta,mumbai). When i 
login to my mailbox for the fitst time (after it is created) from india, 
which has a time diff of 5:30 hrs.

what would be my time zone on the server?


3/12/2007 10:55:08 AM
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Read Bharat Suneja blog it goes over this quite well.


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On Mar 12, 6:55 am, Public folder storm
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> Hi,
>   Is the time zone attribute an AD attribte or Exchagne attribute?
> Suppose, My mailbox is newly created in UK server & I'm at India. My client
> machine's time zone is set to india (new delhi, calcutta,mumbai). When i
> login to my mailbox for the fitst time (after it is created) from india,
> which has a time diff of 5:30 hrs.
> what would be my time zone on the server?
> Regards,
> Swamy

jamestechman (1266)
3/12/2007 2:56:23 PM

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