Swedish characters in the Display name #2

I have a problem with Swedish characters in the senders' names on outgoing 
Previously we have formatted the display names like:

Last name, First name

This is causing problems for some external recipients, since their e-mail 
program reads this as two addresses (Last name as one name and First name as 

I tried changing the display name for one user to "First name Last name" 
instead, but then the Swedish characters are not shown when he/she sends an 
external e-mail. Example:
"Åke Jönsson" becomes "Ake Jonsson"
"Åsa Holmström" becomes "Asa Holmstrom"

Exchange 2003 SP1 and Outlook 2003 Swedish clients. Before I changed the 
display name the Swedish characters were shown (for example "Holmström, Åsa")
4/11/2005 5:43:01 AM
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quickly. So, I have not received your post until today.

My understanding of the issue is: After changed the display name order to 
"First Last", the Swedish characters are not shown when the internal user 
sends an external e-mail. If I have misunderstood anything, please let me 

Since this is a language character related problem, to effectively 
troubleshoot this kind of issue, I suggest you contact your local Microsoft 
CSS support as they have the best software and language resource to help 
you. Please be advised that contacting phone support will be a charged 

Please see http://support.microsoft.com for regional support phone numbers.

If you still want to discuss this issue in the Technet newsgroup, please 
help to collect the following information to isolate this probem:

1. I'd like to confirm with you whether this problem would disappear if you 
change the display name order to "Last, First"?

2. Does this problem only occur on outgoing messages? If you receive a 
message from internet which contains Swedish characters in the sender's 
name, would the local recipient read this display name correctly? 

3. Create a POP3/SMTP account for your Exchange mailbox, and then send a 
message to another internal user. So we can force Exchange to deliver this 
message via SMTP connection (using the SMTP virtual server). Would the same 
problem occur? You can check the message header to verify that whether the 
display name has been changed.

4. Can you see the correct display name when query a user in GAL?

If everything is working fine when you use "Last, First" display name 
order, I have another suggestion.

You mentioned that the reason why you changed "Last, First" to "First Last" 
is that some email applications may recognize this name as two address. 
Based on RFC 822, the display name was closed by quotation marks. For 
example, you can see "Pat Cai" v-patcai@microsoft.com . So, if you can 
custom this email application, we can adjust this feature.

Hope the information helps. If anything is unclear, please feel free to 
post here.


Pat Cai
Microsoft Online Partner Support

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v-patcai (151)
4/13/2005 10:40:11 AM

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