specify DC when creating a RUS?

According to every KB article i read you can't specify a DC when creating a 
RUS, but i'm trying to create a RUS for a child domain and exchange is 
picking up a 'former' domain controller...i thought i'd re-domainprep the 
child domain to fix, but no luck..this is the scenario:

Our child domain was blown away and restored by some lovely remote staff, and 
it didn't go so well. Anyhow, i'm trying to create a new recipient update 
service for the remote child domain and its defaulting to the name of a DC 
that no longer exists and I dont' have an option to change it. The DC does 
not exist in DNS,  or the DSACESS tab of the exchange server, all FSMO roles 
had been seized from it, and its been deleted from sites and services and the 
Domain controllers OU...e2k3 on win2k3 native mode...any way to create a new 
RUS and specify the DC?

knightly (222)
5/16/2006 5:00:01 PM
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You can specify the server you want to use in ESM (exchange system manager) 

Recipients/Recipient Update Services .. 

Under the options right click properties and you can browse for a different DC
5/16/2006 5:18:01 PM
There isn't an existing RUS to be edited...its a new one being created.

"Mario Vlachakis" wrote:

> You can specify the server you want to use in ESM (exchange system manager) 
> ... 
> Recipients/Recipient Update Services .. 
> Under the options right click properties and you can browse for a different DC
knightly (222)
5/16/2006 5:49:02 PM

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