SMTP #12

I have SBS 2003 running exchange 2003.
I want exchange to use the smtp server of my isp instead of using itself to
send email directly to the recipients.
How can I do this?



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3/23/2005 2:32:56 PM
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Go to the System Manager and at the Virtual SMTP server right 
At the Tab Delivery go to the Advanced button and at the Smart box put the 
SMTP server from your ISP. At the same Tab (Delivery) you will se another 
button that says "Outbound Security". In this place you will put the 
authentication if your ISP has.

Jorge Patricio D�az Guzm�n

"TechSupport" <> escribi� en el mensaje 
>I have SBS 2003 running exchange 2003.
> I want exchange to use the smtp server of my isp instead of using itself 
> to
> send email directly to the recipients.
> How can I do this?
> Thanks.
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jdiaz1 (5)
3/23/2005 3:15:15 PM
Be sure to use brackets surrounding the IP address of your ISP, for


J. Parker

prkrnt (26)
3/23/2005 5:50:17 PM

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