SetUp Exchange OWA 5.5 on WIN 2000 Server


I have using a Windows 2000 Server WIth Exchange 5.5 SP4
ANd I setup a OWA on Exchange 5.5,

When I open it on IE ,
It display

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8)
Object required: 'Application(...)'
/exchange/USA/logon.asp, line 12

And I Check on MIcrosoft Website;en-us;248718
Follow his step to Fix it ..

See .

To resolve this problem:
  1.. Start the Internet Information Server (IIS) Microsoft Management
Console (MMC) snap-in, and expand the Transaction Server folder.
  2.. Click Computers, click My Computer, click Packages Installed, click
IIS In-Process Applications, and then click Components.
  3.. Delete the IISWAM.1_Root_Exchange component.
  4.. Click the Internet Information Server folder, and then click Default
Web Site.
  5.. Right-click the Exchange virtual directory, and then click Properties.
  6.. Under the Application Settings section on the Virtual Directory tab,
there are three buttons: Remove, Configuration, and Unload. Click Remove,
click Apply, and then click OK.
  7.. In Control Panel, double-click Services, and stop the IIS Admin

  NOTE: This also stops the FTP Publishing Service and the Web Publishing
  8.. Return to the Exchange virtual directory properties. The Configuration
and Unload buttons are unavailable.
  9.. Click Create.
  10.. Click Apply, and then click OK.
  11.. In Control Panel, double-click Services, and start the IIS Admin, FTP
Publishing, and Web Publishing Services.
But  ON Step 1. I can't find any TRanscation Server Folder on IIS of 2000
And I Skip this Step , and do others, Still can't fix this problem ...

Any one Know how to do on it



laiwai_man (17)
4/12/2004 10:54:26 AM
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