Setup a rule for specifice sender

we have exchange 2k3, sp1 in our company, I would like to know if I can 
setup a rule/policy to forward a copy of all incomming emails from specifice 
external email address to Administrator.

Al1 (451)
5/24/2005 12:14:02 AM
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Hi Al,

I am not aware of Exchange being able to do this, but it is an option in 
ISA, if you are lucky enough to be running it.

Ben Hoffman
MCP (Win2000 Pro/Server & Exchange 2003 Admin)

"Al" <> wrote in message
> Hi:
> we have exchange 2k3, sp1 in our company, I would like to know if I can
> setup a rule/policy to forward a copy of all incomming emails from 
> specifice
> external email address to Administrator.
> Thanks
> Al

nospam3434 (231)
5/24/2005 2:04:17 AM
No we don't have ISA server, do u know of any other third party application 
that would help with this?


"Al" wrote:

> Hi:
> we have exchange 2k3, sp1 in our company, I would like to know if I can 
> setup a rule/policy to forward a copy of all incomming emails from specifice 
> external email address to Administrator.
> Thanks
> Al
Al1 (451)
5/24/2005 3:19:02 AM

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