Server/Client Side Rules Not Working?

Hello all,

We have an Exchange Server v5.5 build 2653.23 SP4 running 
on a Windows 2000 SP4 machine.  Whenever ANY one of our 
Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003 clients tries to create a 
rule it ALWAYS defaults to client-side, and never 
actually executes.  There are no errors logged in the 
Applications event log on the server or client.  Here is 
some additional info you may find useful:

1.  The Exchange server resides in domain:CDS
2.  Users logon to domain:NT (2-way trust established 
with doamin:CDS), their primary account is listed in 
ExchAdmin as NT/Username.

3.  When users logon to domain:CDS, and the primrary user 
account is set to CDS/Username, server-side rules can be 
created, but they will not trigger.
4.  Client-side rules execute when POPing mail, but not 
MAPI mail.
5.  When I logon to domain:NT and access our old Exchange 
server in wholly within domain:NT, I can create server-
side rules AND they will trigger!

Somehow I have the feeling it is rights related, but I 
don't know where to look.  Any help would be much 

alex3150 (1)
2/17/2004 2:17:18 PM
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"Alex" <> wrote in news:110fb01c3f560$bfe11290

> 5.  When I logon to domain:NT and access our old Exchange 
> server in wholly within domain:NT, I can create server-
> side rules AND they will trigger!
> Somehow I have the feeling it is rights related, but I 
> don't know where to look.  Any help would be much 
> appreciated.

Have you tried recreating the local MAPI profile? I would give that a 
shot. Something might still be pointing to your old exchange server.


Arlo Clizer
Exchange MVP
aclizer1 (399)
2/17/2004 9:14:17 PM

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