SBS/Exchange 2000 mailbox migration

A functional SBS 2000 DC is being replaced by another, using the same 
software in the same config.  What's the best way to move the Exchange 2000 
mailboxes, given that the two machines can't exist online together?
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10/9/2004 7:13:02 PM
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If you are going to have everything the same, you should be able to backup 
and then restore the system state of AD which will bring over users and the 
Exchange Organization configuration.  Then just perform a Disaster Recovery 
scenario of Exchange.

1) Install Exchange using Disaster Recovery switch
2) Install the correct service packs
3) Restore the databases back to the correct location


Doug Blanchard [MSFT]
Microsoft PSS

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"N." <> wrote in message
>A functional SBS 2000 DC is being replaced by another, using the same
> software in the same config.  What's the best way to move the Exchange 
> 2000
> mailboxes, given that the two machines can't exist online together? 

dblanch (58)
11/30/2004 3:19:50 PM

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