rpc server not available by re-associating mailbox account


i have an exchange 2003 in a windows 2003 child domain.
we have a branch office, it had windows NT4 and now it was upgraded from NT 
to windows 2003 als child domain in our forest (now trust between our domains)

Before this,we create account and mailbox for people of this domain in our 
Domain (no trust betwen us) in order to use Exchange (dual account ,one by us 
to have an mailbxo with it and one local in their domain)
Now i dont need anymore  to have this and i want to associate the  local 
AD-account instead of the account we created in our domain with the mailbox.

so i thougt following thing :
i delete the exchange attributs of the account in our domain (it deletes the 
i make an clean-up agent starting
im using the recovery console of exchange to "undelete" the mailbox
and when exchange asks for which account to associate with the mailbox i 
choose the local account a the branch office.

it doesn't work, i receive after waiting 1 minute, "the rpc server is not 
i try with ping of the FQDN of the DC of the branch office domain, it works 
no DNS problem (we use linux DNS), no ip problem between our to domains.
there is no exchange server on the other domain (no need)

don't know what going wrong ?
- i heard a lot about wins
- i heard about dns
- i heard abour RUS or domainprep

all DC have windows 2003 SP1 and exchange too. (exchange SP1)

any idea ??

thanks a lot

pierre from France
8/8/2006 4:08:02 PM
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