Repair OWA folders....

Hi all,

Full of shame I come to you guys again.... I screwed up my IIS CAS
folders...... AGAIN (I should no better after I f***ed them up in beta
2 also).
But ohwell, at least I'm learning more and more about the wonderfull
world of E2K7 right?

I wanted to add a redirection of the root of my website to the owa
folder and IIS changed this setting for all subfolders. Now when I want

to access my OWA, it just times out. I tried to revert the settings,
but did not have a backup of my IIS metabase... Also when I try to
change the settings, some of my folders do not allow me to change back
to folders containing UNC path's starting with \\.\

It pops up with the message "this is not a valid UNC path" What's up
with that????

I tried to remove the OWA directory with Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory and

add a new one with New-OWAVirtualDirectory -OwaVirtualDirectory, but
without success. Even a reinstall of the CAS did not solve my issue. A
reinstall does not replace the IIS folders.

Any troubleshooting tips guys? 



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