Removing Last 5.5 Server that has an IMC

I am following the steps in the article:
before removing my last 5.5 server and moving the smtp services over to my 
2003 server.  The scenario that applies is single\last 5.5 server (it is a 
single AND last :)

Step 3 - verify the smtp connector is seen in your exchange server 5.5 
configuration - is the step that keeps failing. I have repeated step 2 now a 
couple of times and waited for about 3 hours now and the connection still 
does not show  up. I also see no obvious (or any) errors in the event log on 
my 5.5 server.

if I can successfully send and recieve mail from the new 2003 server to the 
internet, is this process critical?


8/12/2005 4:35:43 PM
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"Chris H" <chris dot haaker at berbee dot comm> wrote:

>I am following the steps in the article:
>before removing my last 5.5 server and moving the smtp services over to my 
>2003 server.  The scenario that applies is single\last 5.5 server (it is a 
>single AND last :)
>Step 3 - verify the smtp connector is seen in your exchange server 5.5 
>configuration - is the step that keeps failing. I have repeated step 2 now a 
>couple of times and waited for about 3 hours now and the connection still 
>does not show  up. I also see no obvious (or any) errors in the event log on 
>my 5.5 server.

Restart the ADC service. Or restart the Exchange 5.5 server. Or
restart the SRS. Or all three.

>if I can successfully send and recieve mail from the new 2003 server to the 
>internet, is this process critical?

That depends on what the Exchange 5.5 server's doing. :) You want the
5.5 server to route any SMTP mail to the Exchange 2000/2003 server.
But you really want to make sure that changes you make at either the
5.5 server or in the AD are appearing in both directories before you
start removing things.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
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richnews (7316)
8/13/2005 1:58:13 AM

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