Removing Exchange 5.5 #2

I'm doing a migration exercise in a test lab without internet connection.
Here's what I have (1 site, 1 domain):

- Win2003 ADC (as a result of in place upgrade from NT4)
- WinNT4 BDC with Exch5.5 SP4
- Win2003 member server with Exch 2003, ADC (connection agreements for
mailboxes, public folder and configuration already defined and seems to work

Exch2003 was installed in Exch5.5 site (I tell it to join Exch5.5 site).

I have just successfully moved all user mailboxes from 5.5 to 2003. We don't
use public folders, so I suppose there is no reason to run PFMigrate tool
since there is no public folder data to migrate. Is that correct?

I sent a test mail to to see where it is routed.
Looks like the mail is still routed to Exch5.5 IMS (it sits in IMS outgoing
queue, waiting to be sent). That shows if I improperly remove Exch5.5, I'm
going to be sorry later. How do I reconfigure it so that mail won't flow
through Exch5.5? More importantly, what are the next steps?

The final goal is of course to remove 5.5 permanently but what do I have to
do to be sure that 5.5 isn't needed any longer. I'm sure at this point I
can't just shutdown 5.5 and expect 2003 to work just fine without it.

Advice anyone?

5/26/2006 7:25:44 PM
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"Ron" <> wrote:

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>I sent a test mail to to see where it is routed.
>Looks like the mail is still routed to Exch5.5 IMS (it sits in IMS outgoing
>queue, waiting to be sent). That shows if I improperly remove Exch5.5, I'm
>going to be sorry later. How do I reconfigure it so that mail won't flow
>through Exch5.5? 

An easy, reversable, way to do this is to change the "Address Space"
information on the IMS to somthing like "*@bogus.local" and then wait
(or recalc the routing).

>More importantly, what are the next steps?

There are lots of KB articles on this.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
Don't send mail to this address
Or to these, either:
richnews (7316)
5/27/2006 1:28:06 AM

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