Recovering Private information store

I had a problem with the Private information store and 
restored an earlier version from a hard drive backup. I 
did all the procedures necessary to restore and enable the 
information store and all my Exchange 5.5 services are 
started without any error. 

The problem however is that I am not getting any mail to 
my users. I run a POP3 connector and I use the viewer to 
check the POP3 activities. I see the the connection to the 
mail server and the acknowledgements that it is retrieving 
E-Mail messages. I cannot figure out where the messages 
are going on aour server and why are they not being 
distributed to the users.

Any help will be much appreciated. It was quite an ordeal 
to figure out what to do to restore the private store but 
we are still not getting the messages at the workstations.

Thank you.

J.P. Lacasse

anonymous (74722)
12/8/2003 4:59:19 AM
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