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In ESM --> Recepients --> Recepient Update Service --> Property --> General Tab: There is a filed Windows Domain Controller, If I have two DC (one is GC and another one is not), which DC is the best to choose, GC one? or the other one



anonymous (74722)
5/21/2004 9:36:05 AM
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"Patrick" <> wrote:

>In ESM --> Recepients --> Recepient Update Service --> Property --> General Tab: There is a filed Windows Domain Controller, If I have two DC (one is GC and another one is not), which DC is the best to choose, GC one? or the other one?
In your case it wouldn't matter.

Mark Arnold MCSA MCSE+M MVP,
mark7219 (5666)
5/21/2004 9:58:55 AM
anonymous (74722)
5/21/2004 10:16:12 AM

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