Public folders problems after migration to e2k3

Just did an migration from 2000 to e2k3 and Outlook clients can't access 
public folders. Just gives a generic error about not being able to open 
the folder. In OWA I can open the folders and see all the contents. I 
also get this error message in my Application log about FreeBusy and am 
thinking they might be related.

Category: General
Event IT:8197

Error initializing session for virtual machine $Mail$. The error number 
is 0x8004011d. Make sure Microsoft Exchange Store is running.

I have seen others have had problems with Calendar Connector, and an 
uninstall took care of that, but I don't have calendar connector installed.

Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

jason.meyer (105)
7/5/2006 2:04:18 PM
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I just used pfmigrate to remove the replicas from my swing server and it 
  didn't remove the replica from Public Folder Hierarchy and System 
Configurations. So i tried to to it in ESM, and I get prompted for a 
username/pw! I enter in my Domain Admin account info and it fails.

Jason Meyer wrote:
> Just did an migration from 2000 to e2k3 and Outlook clients can't access 
> public folders. Just gives a generic error about not being able to open 
> the folder. In OWA I can open the folders and see all the contents. I 
> also get this error message in my Application log about FreeBusy and am 
> thinking they might be related.
> Source:MSExchangeFBPublish
> Category: General
> Event IT:8197
> Error initializing session for virtual machine $Mail$. The error number 
> is 0x8004011d. Make sure Microsoft Exchange Store is running.
> I have seen others have had problems with Calendar Connector, and an 
> uninstall took care of that, but I don't have calendar connector installed.
> Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.
> Jason
jason.meyer (105)
7/5/2006 2:20:19 PM

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