public folders in exchange

If you look in the KB 246504 and 179220 Thats the error 
messages I get.

I have upgraded from Exchange 5.5 to 2003 but the problem 
was also in exchange 5.5 and I had the latest sp in 5.5.

I cant get rid of those objects in the public folders 
eather in Outlook or the ESM.

How to get rid of the public filders when I cant access 
them?? does anyone know??


>-----Original Message-----
>Are they normal folders or system folders?  What error do 
you get?  Is this
>in Outlook or ESM?
>"admin raw mode" - Are you trying to use the 5.5 admin?
>Hope that helps,
>Dan Townsend
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>"tintin" <> wrote in 
>> Hi
>> I have trouble with publicfolders in exchange 2003.
>> The problem is that some objects I cant access and I 
>> delete them.
>> I tried to use the admin raw mode but it didnt work to
>> delete them.
>> Does any one know how to do??
>> regards tintin

anonymous (74722)
1/22/2004 10:46:53 AM
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