Public Folder is missing objects

I made a mistake.  I was migrating from one Exchange 2003 server to another
Exchange 2003 server.  These were the only two servers in my structure.
When I installed the second, I did not give it enough time to properly
replicate all of the public folder data before I uninstalled it.

Now, my public data folder on my only exchange server is corrupt.  The
primary indication of this (besides that I have no public folders visible in
Outlook), is an error message when I click Send/Receive: "Task ''
reported error (0x8004010F): 'The operation failed.  An object could not be
found.'"  Also, when the Information Store service starts, there is an
ExOLEDB error: "Microsoft Exchange OLEDB was unable to do Schema propagation
on MDB startup HRESULT = 0x80040e19."

I haven't stored anything important in the Exchange 2003 Public Folders.  A
default database would be fine with me.

My question is, what is the best way to fix the public folders.

I have a backup of the old server.  I have the exchange database files from
the old server after uninstall of exchange.  I could follow Q822444, how to
reset a site folder, but I'm not sure this is what I want.

Could someone recommend the best direction to go to recover the public
folders functionality?


jaraco (2)
5/1/2004 3:24:56 AM
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