Public Folder Contact Problem #3

I am running exchange 5.5 sp4.

    I have a couple of public folders used for maintaining contacts. We use
one folder called "recruiting" for maintaining job applicants and their
information. We have another folder called "employees" which have our
employees in them. The idea here is that we add the job applicant, and then
at the bottom of the contact, in the contacts section, we add the person who
is going to interview them.

    If I open a recruiting contact, and at the bottom of the contact, where
it says "Contacts", add an employee from the "employee" public folder, the
employee's contact card is updated accordingly.

    If I open the recruiting contact again, and remove the employee contact
from the "contacts" section, then the employee's contact card (in the
employee public folder) is not updated.

This doesn't seem to work at all from any public folder, even if I add
contacts from the same public folder.

Any help is appreciated.
- Mike Scott

1/13/2004 9:42:02 PM
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Hello Mike,

Thanks for your post!

As per your description, your problem is that you want to remove the 
employee' contact when remove it from the contact section of the recruiting 
contact. If so, I think we couldn't do it. Since the "contact" section is a 
property of the recruiting contact and the employee is a standalone message 
in the public folder.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.


haofu (6)
1/14/2004 9:47:01 PM

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