Problem with OWA & Exchange 2000 after moving stores

We are having problems with Outlook Web Access under Exchange Server 2000. 

The information stores (mailboxes & public folders) were moved from the C: 
drive to D: on the Windows 2000 server. Everything works correctly as far 
as user logins and direct Outlook 2003 access to mailboxes and public 

However, when you use Outlook Web Access remotely, you can see all the 
contacts and message headers but you can't open an individual email to 
view the message body. The window pops up as expected but the browser 
never displays the message. It just sits there with an hourglass.

This all worked correctly BEFORE we moved the message stores (which we had 
to do because we were running out of drive space on the original 

What do I need to do?? I'm not real familiar with the OWA component.

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Tom G.
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6/8/2005 4:51:06 PM
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