Problem installing SP2 for Exchange 2003 on front end server

We have Exchange 2003 sp1 Enterprise running on Windows 2003 sp1 Enterprise. 
I'm trying install SP2 on the systems.  We have a front end server for OWA, 
and two back end servers with the mailboxes.

I know you need to upgrade the front end servers first, but when I try to do 
the SP2 install on the OWA server, I get the "Setup is loading 
 installation." box, followed a few seconds later by "A fatal setup error 
has occurred.  Look at c:\documents and settings.eventlog.txt for more 
information.  Cancelling setup"

The eventlog.txt has a number of normal looking status messages, then ends 
[01/02/07,12:32:15] Setup.exe: in InternalRegisterSetupService()
[01/02/07,12:32:16] Microsoft Search: Initialize, Search version 
'9.107.8320' installed.
[01/02/07,12:32:16] setup.exe: ***ERRORLOG EVENT*** : Run() : 
RunLoadSetup(), an exception has occured.
[01/02/07,12:32:16] Setup.exe: IsRunningUnattended

I've done some searching, and have seen a few people that had similar 
problems.  Here are the possible solutions I've found:

1)Registry keys for MSSeearch not there:  - Not the case for our system, the 
keys are there.
2) Office installed on the server - It has never been on this server.
3) Installing account must have admin rights at the org.  - Ours is a domain 
admin account, with full exchange rights (it's the account we used to 
install Exchange)
4) Run the SP2 update with the "/forestprep" and/or "/domainprep" 
witches.  - I haven't tried this, but don't know why it would make a 
5) Have the Schema master on the same server as the PDC emulator - Currently 
they are not on the same server.  I can move the PDC emulator FSMO role to 
the same server as the schema master, but haven't done it yet.  Again, I 
don't know why this would make a difference.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I will probably contact Microsoft, 
but I'm hoping for some information without going through that process if I 
can help it..


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1/4/2007 2:56:32 AM
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I'd make sure all your Anti spam and anti virus and anything
(everything) else non Microsoft is stopped before installing SP2.

I would also like to suggest that you reformatted and rebuilt the
entire box. A Front End doesn't need Windows Enterprise or Exchange
Enterprise. Rebuild the box (it wouldn't take more than a couple of
hours) and reduce your licence count (if you're on a volume licence
programme you'll save money) or redeploy the Enterprise licenses to
something more deserving.
mark7219 (5666)
1/4/2007 8:11:11 AM
Thanks for the reply.

Actually, the OWA server is Windows 2003 Standard, not enterprise.  The 
backend ones are enterprise.

We've discussed rebuilding the system, but the problem is that this is our 
only OWA server, and we can't take it down for very long.  What we may do is 
build a 2nd one, then when it's ready, take the production one down and 
substitute the new one.

I'd still like to figure out what the cause is, though.

"Mark Arnold [MVP]" <> wrote in message
> I'd make sure all your Anti spam and anti virus and anything
> (everything) else non Microsoft is stopped before installing SP2.
> I would also like to suggest that you reformatted and rebuilt the
> entire box. A Front End doesn't need Windows Enterprise or Exchange
> Enterprise. Rebuild the box (it wouldn't take more than a couple of
> hours) and reduce your licence count (if you're on a volume licence
> programme you'll save money) or redeploy the Enterprise licenses to
> something more deserving. 

putspam (3)
1/4/2007 12:03:44 PM
That's fine but you didn't mention in your reply about any 3rd party
stuff that was/is running on the box as a service.
mark7219 (5666)
1/4/2007 12:52:58 PM
I turned off the antivirus software (McAfee), and tried the setup, but it 
didn't make any difference.   The only other services are the Veritas 
NetBackup client (backups weren't running at that time).  Everything else on 
that box is the standard Microsoft stuff.

I tried running the install on another Exchange server (we use it for 
mailbox/database recovery), and the update started properly.  I cancelled it 
on the first screen, since I need to do the front end ones first, but it did 
make it past the point where it failed on the OWA server.

I checked the various MAPI dll files on both the OWA and the other exchange 
server, and there are no differences that I found.  Are there any other 
files I could check to see if there are differences?

"Mark Arnold [MVP]" <> wrote in message
> That's fine but you didn't mention in your reply about any 3rd party
> stuff that was/is running on the box as a service. 

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1/5/2007 3:37:41 AM

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