The Exchange 2003 Sp1 mail server shows the following error in the
application log,

Event Type:     Error
Event Source:   POP3SVC
Event Category: General
Event ID:       1051

Unexpected error condition: call to function
resulted in error code 0x800cc801.

Microsoft knowledgebase article kb275291 suggests that the client is
trying to
use SSL. SSL is configured and its working fine.

Any idea why this error is getting generated ?


2/6/2006 2:07:31 PM
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On 6 Feb 2006 06:07:31 -0800, "Elan" <elangumaran@gmail.com> wrote:

>The Exchange 2003 Sp1 mail server shows the following error in the
>application log,
>Event Type:     Error
>Event Source:   POP3SVC
>Event Category: General
>Event ID:       1051
>Unexpected error condition: call to function
>resulted in error code 0x800cc801.
>Microsoft knowledgebase article kb275291 suggests that the client is
>trying to
>use SSL. SSL is configured and its working fine.

>Any idea why this error is getting generated ?

Is the Exch Server configured to allow POP3 and IMAP SSL client

adavid (8731)
2/6/2006 2:13:08 PM
Hello Andy,

This is a Front End server.Yes, IMAP & POP3 are configured to use front
end servers.


2/6/2006 2:35:43 PM
All Front Ends are configured with NLB cluster.


2/6/2006 2:37:24 PM
On 6 Feb 2006 06:35:43 -0800, "Elan" <elangumaran@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hello Andy,
>This is a Front End server.Yes, IMAP & POP3 are configured to use front
>end servers.

What about SSL? Is you Exch Server configured for POP3 and IMAP
clients to use those products over SSL? If not, you'll see those
errors and you can probably just ignore them if you do not require SSL
for IMAP and POP3 clients.

adavid (8731)
2/6/2006 2:42:05 PM

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