Odd issues since new Domain...


Internal network:

Win NT 4.0 server / Client Domain, 3 servers, 45 clients. 
Netopia 4652-T router at gateway. Internal Exchange Server 
5.5. Internal WINS, NO Internal DNS presence installed. 
Single Public IP set at router with NAT running, basic 
firewall and server list allowing standard Exchange 
traffic and exposing Exchange info to Internet. Internal 

External details:

Our old Internet Domain name 
is "Knightinfrastructure.com", hosted by Macleod USA -
Still active as Exchange e-mail domain. Our new Internet 
Domain is "Knightea.com", Hosted by GoGoServers.com, also 
active as an Exchange Domain. Our ISP is Megapath, 
providing Internet access, but no hosting at this time. 
All MX records set to forward from our Hosts to the above 
IP address.

For now, Exchange set to accept mail for both .COM domains 
noted above (Knightinfrastructure.com & Knightea.com)until 
2004, when I will phase out older domain.


1.    From time to time, users will get e-mail addressed 
to other users in the company. 

2. When dealing with specific outside e-mail addresses, we 
get the following error when sending e-mail from our 
office to the outside address:

Mail could not be delivered to (for rcn.com). 
The destination server reported 550 rejected: cannot route 
to sender <RKoons@knightea.com>. 

Before the addition of the new domain (knifgrea.com), e-
mail in this example was possible!

What did I do wrong?
rkoons (1)
12/16/2003 2:06:23 PM
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