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Using CListCtrl, but when I sort the indexes do not go along with the records. Here's what I mean: Suppose I add these items: Row 0: John Row 1: Bob Row 2: Tom Now when I click on the header and sort them in alphabetical order: Row 1: Bob Row 0: John Row 2: Tom Now when I call GetItemData(0) I am expecting to get "John". 0 is where I added "John". But instead, I get "Bob" (the new sort ordered index). So this presents a problem. I have no idea where John is anymore.. in case I wanted to edit that item later, I have to scan through all the items. You...

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Hello all, I am obviously a new user to excel. I have a psychological assessmen that needs to be computerised for ease of use in obtaining results. Here is what i would like to happen. I have 28 questions with fiv Likert scale options(0-4) for answers. Each question addresses 1 of different personality traits. So questions 1, 6, 8, 22 look at anger. Where as questions 2, 9, 28 look at happiness. What i would like is fo excel to group the answers and give me the total number for each trait. Then based on that number, give out a prewritten (which i would provide result of the assessment. ...

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I have noticed other vlookup codes in excel and after looking at them have started to try and use them myself. 2 questions. 1) The codes i saw had a lot of $ signs in them. I dont use them when i use vlookup and it seems to work fine. Is there a reason $ signs are added? 2) I have a vlookup code "=VLOOKUP(A9,Database!A1:F8000,2,FALSE)" and so on for a few lines and when it finds a blank box it puts 0 in there to represent that. Is there a way i can have it so that instead of putting a zero in it just leaves the box blank? -- Help Needed -------------------------------------...

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I'm completely stuck. I have a spreadsheet that has a worksheet fo each month of the year plus an extra one called TOTALS. In each month there is one row per employee (there are about 20-3 employees) and the columns represent the days of the month. Its spreadsheet to calculate holiday totals. The idea is: the holdays get entered with a '1' and in the TOTALS lis there's a drop down of the names of the employees. The select thei name and the total appear for each month. I've tried nested IF's bu I'M limited to 7. I don'T have much programming knowlege and I c...

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I'm opening a new retail business and would like to use the Manufactures bar code on many of my items......but for the life of me I can't figure out how to load the information into my system. I've serched the HELP screens, but no answers. I'm desperate - Can anyone guide me on how to do this? Sincere, thanks to anyone who can help :) Monica If using the UPC as your ILC doesn't work, you can add the UPC codes to the Alias tab of the Item Properties. Then if you're searching for WIDGET you don't need to memorize the UPC codes. HTH, Tom "Monica" ...

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I have 5,000 images I have to change to current name to a part # found on an excel spreadsheet. How do I change the actual name (not one at a time) but globally with these part #'s? On 2/1/10 4:01 PM, Elizabeth wrote: > I have 5,000 images I have to change to current name to a part # found on an > excel spreadsheet. How do I change the actual name (not one at a time) but > globally with these part #'s? This seems like something that you could do with VBA as long as there is a way to identify the new name from the old name (is the old name listed in the Excel ...

Unable to set Date Range on UPR_Month_End
I am in Dexterity, and I am opening the form UPR_Month_End and setting the date range unfortunatly the set start date and end date are being wiped out before the form makes it to the user. My code worked before the last service pack from Great Plains, and I have tried many things to get it to work. Basically what i am doing is on a button click on one of my forms I am trying to set the date range on the period end payroll reports screen to the beginning and end of a quarter for convienence because the ability to run quarter end reports was removed from Great Plains. Below is the code...

Display Date from Unbound Field in Form in a Query
Just had an issue that in 10 years of using Access never saw - just wondering if I just never encountered it or what... I have a form running a query, the user enters a date. The report needs to show the date - so the query has a field like this: report date: [Forms!]![frm_report]![txtReportDate] I had a problem exporting to Excel - seems the direct placement in the query led to characters that Excel could not understand. I actually had another date field from the form that I did a date add on, it worked fine. I eventaully put the form reference in a Format, the issue was gone. The...

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Hello (Using MS Money 2007) I would like to register the following date when managing bills: 1) The emission date 2) The due date 3) The payment date, which can be before or after the due date. Is it possible? Thanks a lot Pick one. "EMoscosoCam" <> wrote in message > Is it possible? I would like to have all 3 dates registered, but I do not know if MS Money allows me to do so. Moreover, If a bill arrives, I would registered the emission date and the due date. But when...

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What is the formula to convert a whole column of date to text? If I am to do it cell by cell, I need to press F2 then put a --> ' in front of the date. Is there a way I can do it with formula? I have tried CONCATENATE to combine column a which contains ' with date 12/31/03. Column A Column B ' 12/31/03 =CONCATENATE(A1,B1) However, the end result I got is as follow. '37986 instead of '12/31/03 Please help! Hi Caine one way: =TEXT(A1,"mm/dd/yyyy") where A1 stores your date value. Copy this down ...

News:UCCDraw Flow/Diagramming Component V9.60 Released(full Visio 12 Look! And full s
News:UCCDraw Flow/Diagramming Component V9.60 Released (full Visio 12 Look! And full source codes) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- March 16, 2006 For more information (press only) please contact: Paul Chi UCanCode Software, Inc. Phone: (86) 755-26737501 Fax: (86) 755-26737615 March 16, 2006, HongKong, UCanCode Software announces it's marke leading flow/diagram C++ source code kit �C UCCDraw Flow/Diagrammin Component V9.60,now it contains full feature of Visio 12, you can buil your own Visio 2003/Visio 12 like application with Visua Bas...

Need an Idea on Arranging Data for a Chart
I have an Access Database that has thousands of records in it. Each record has the following fields (simplified): Date, Site, Seconds I have a workbook that wueries the database, and brings in data into a table for each site that has the Date and Seconds on each line of the table. I would like to graph the data, based on groupings that the user will choose, so maybe they would like to each data point on the line be the average for a week, and the line would show 10 weeks, etc. What I am struggling with is how to get from the frist table, to one that is grouped by day, or week, or mont...

Time / Date on X axis
I'm trying to plot a series (i.e. groundwater elevation) on the Y axis against the time and date on the X axis. The time and date are in separate columns. I can't get the X axis labels to appear correctly. The entire X axis label appears as a black box. The data series plots correctly. I can not seem to adjust the data label interval as with a single X data series plot. Doug - Is your X axis time + date, or time on a given date; I mean, does it go from midnight to midnight and you have multiple series corresponding to each day, or does it start at X o'clock on one day...

Need to create a simple rule
I need to create a rule that automatically forwards email with several specified words in the message body to a folder. I have successfully created rules that moves mail with any of several words specified, but that is not what I am trying to do with this new rule. For example, if I input words "cat" and "ball" and "farm", I want to move the email to a folder ONLY if ALL of the words are in the body, not if just one or two are there. It seems like a simple function, but in Rules Wizard, when I select "with specific words in the body", after I i...

Formula: Date plus 3 months
Hiya, I have a date in cell A1 and I want to know a formula which will calculate this date minus 3 months, in cell A2. I've tried a simple "=A1-3month" but this doesn't work. Any ideas? -- Carly Hi Carly One way: =DATE(YEAR(A1),MONTH(A1)-3,DAY(A1)) -- Best Regards Leo Heuser Followup to newsgroup only please. "Carly" <> skrev i en meddelelse > Hiya, I have a date in cell A1 and I want to know a formula which will > calculate this date minus 3 months, in...

Simple Date problem -_- Please Help !
Hi everyone, I have list of times in hh:mm format from cell A1 to A730 e.g. 9:30, 13:00, 13:32, 12:12 etc... How do I put number of minutes passed from 9:00AM i.e. if A1 has 9:30 then B1 must display 30, if A2 has 14:12 then B2 displays 312 and so on. What kind of function do I need to use? Please help! Thanks alot :D format cell as [mm] and use =A1-TIME(9,0,0) James8309 wrote: > Hi everyone, > > I have list of times in hh:mm format from cell A1 to A730 > > e.g. 9:30, 13:00, 13:32, 12:12 etc... > > How do I put number of minutes passed from 9:00AM > >...

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Afternoon All I am attempting to workout a quick and easy way of counting some results that are displayed in an excel spreedsheet. All of the results are date and time stamped, and also have a column that showes the state of the outcome [WA, NSW, QLD and so on]. What i am wanting to do is get a count basised on the state column for every hour? Can anyone assist? Cheers TJ Hi, TJ- I started a reply earlier this morning, and abandoned it hoping someone else would have a better idea. Since no one else has replied, let me take a crack at it. It can be done, altho it may seem a bit clum...

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Hi, I need to archive some emails to a pst file.After I run the autoarchive it goes thorugh and doesnt move anything to the pst. I checked the emails and the modified date has changed. How can I change the Modified date of the email back so autoarchive can move them to the PST ?? You can't. --� Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. Due to the (insert latest virus name here) virus, all mail sent to my personal account will be deleted without reading. After searching and finding no answer, bisha asked: | Hi, |...

Excel Changes last-Modified Date
Is there a way to stop Excel from changing the last-modified date of every file that is opened (even when no changes are made and save is never pressed)? This is really screwing us up in the office because we are looking through a ton of old files for one that was last-modified on a certain date. When we open a suspect file it CHANGES THE DATE!!!! Make it stop. Thanks. It is only temporary, if you don't save it it reverst back when you close it. -- HTH Bob Phillips (remove nothere from the email address if mailing direct) "Jerry Baker" <jerry@nodomain.invalid> w...

How do I see Today's Messages if I arrange by date
I am using Outlook2003 and I have arranged my inbox by date and I am seeing today's messages under Yesterday. How do I fix this Is your local time zone correct? "dzingirai" <> wrote in message >I am using Outlook2003 and I have arranged my inbox by date and I am seeing > today's messages under Yesterday. How do I fix this ...

change default date format
Is there a way to change the default date format in Excel from the "short date" to a "long date" format permanently. Rightclick on the cell you want to change Format Cells - under the Number tab - Catagory - Date Then just choose the date style you want -- Message posted from ...

TEXT function international dates
Hi I have a workbook that uses the formula TEXT(mydate, "mmm-yy") to convert dates into text strings. In my English version of Excel it is working fine. The problem is that I share this spreadsheets with users that have a French version of Excel and for them it's not working right. The referenced cell say '01/03/09' displays 'Mar-09' for me, whereas for them it will be 'mar-aa'. --French format for dates is 'jj/mm/aa' instead of 'dd/mm/yy'. Is there any solution? I do need to keep the text conversion as I use the result to concaten...

How do I display multiple Outlook 2007 Date Navigators?
I've looked for months about displaying multiple date navigators (the little calendar on the top left of the Calendar page). I want to see 2 or 3 months instead of just 1. Outlook "Help" is not any help! Somehow, I got 3 months displayed on my old system, but I have no idea how and my new system just shows 1 month at a time. "varkbait" <> wrote in message > I've looked for months about displaying multiple date navigators (the > little calendar on t...

Date conversion doesn't make sense
I am having problems with converting text to date using the cdate function When I convert .5 into a format of HH:MM AM/PM it becomes 12:00 PM which makes sense because noon is half of a day When I convert 0.5 into a format of HH:MM AM/PM it becomes 12:05 AM which doesn't make sense When I convert 0.50 into a format of HH:MM AM/PM it becomes 12:50 AM which also doesn't make sense When I convert 0.500 into a format of HH:MM AM/PM it becomes 12:00 PM Below is a msgbox that demonstrates this. What is happening? Sub test1() MsgBox "The string "".5...

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I need to develop a program to conncet two systems through dial up connection and to share the files/folders of that tho systems.... any idea.. any guidance... warm welcome..... regards, Aji. ...