moving the pub1 and priv1 databases

I want to move my databases to a different hard drive on my exchange server due to the lack of space on the current hard drive. In Exchange 5.5 this was easy to do, however in Exchange 2000 I can't seem to find out how to do it

Any suggestions?
anonymous (74722)
11/17/2003 2:56:11 PM
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"robert" <> wrote in message
> I want to move my databases to a different hard drive on my exchange
server due to the lack of space on the current hard drive. In Exchange 5.5
this was easy to do, however in Exchange 2000 I can't seem to find out how
to do it.
> Any suggestions?

susan7353 (1225)
11/17/2003 3:08:45 PM
Hello Robert

Its just as easy in Exchange 2000 once you know how to do it.

Go to the properties of the Mailbox store in the Exchange System Manager.
Go to the Database tab.
Click the Browse button and move them where you want.

To move the transaction log location.
Go to the properties of the Storage group.

Michael Barta [MSFT]
Microsoft Exchange Support

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"robert" <> wrote in message
> I want to move my databases to a different hard drive on my exchange
server due to the lack of space on the current hard drive. In Exchange 5.5
this was easy to do, however in Exchange 2000 I can't seem to find out how
to do it.
> Any suggestions?

mbarta (202)
11/17/2003 3:12:31 PM

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