moving databases

when i use the "optomizer" program and agree to the 
recomendations, the program fails to move the databases. 
It will attempt to, and then after awhile it just stops 

When i try to move the databases manually and then change 
the data paths, i get an error that says the data is 
already moved and it fails to change the paths...

any suggestions??
nowbiteme (3)
11/12/2003 8:41:16 PM
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Hi Tim,

Do the databases themselves actually move?  Does the server hang trying to
stop services?  Look in the registry at
ParametersPrivate\DB Path
ParametersPublic\DB Path
ParametersSystem\Working Directory and DB Log Path

This tells you where the databases, logfiles, and .chk file are supposed to
be located.  I've never tried it but I think you can move them manually and
then modify these registry keys to reflect the changes

Craig Philbeck
Microsoft PSS

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"tim" <> wrote in message
> when i use the "optomizer" program and agree to the
> recomendations, the program fails to move the databases.
> It will attempt to, and then after awhile it just stops
> responding.
> When i try to move the databases manually and then change
> the data paths, i get an error that says the data is
> already moved and it fails to change the paths...
> any suggestions??

a-cphil (97)
11/12/2003 9:26:03 PM

I have the same problem in my organization.

Search for KB821543 in

If you need ... i have the fix.
Good luck !!!


>-----Original Message-----
>when i use the "optomizer" program and agree to the 
>recomendations, the program fails to move the databases. 
>It will attempt to, and then after awhile it just stops 
>When i try to move the databases manually and then change 
>the data paths, i get an error that says the data is 
>already moved and it fails to change the paths...
>any suggestions??
11/13/2003 6:42:29 PM

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