Move Mailbox failure results in maildata on source and target servers (Exchange 5.5)

Hi all,

I have two Exchange 5.5 SP4 servers running in the same site.  Due to
priv.edb corruption on one of the servers, I started moving mailboxes to the
second server.  A few of the moves failed without explanation.  The only
potentially related even was something about rules synchronization, but
Google and MS KB searches yielded nothing.

Here's the problem:

- Moved USER mailbox from SERVER_X to SERVER_Y
- Move failed at some point
- "Mailbox resources" on SERVER_Y shows that USER has approx. 1.4GB on
SERVER_Y, but USER doesn't show up in "Server Recipients"
- "Mailbox resources" on SERVER_X shows that USER has approx. 1.6GB on
SERVER_X, and USER *does show up in "Server Recipients"
- Mailbox properties show USER's home server as SERVER_X
- No data appears to have been lost

I haven't done anything else for fear of losing the mailboxes (which happen
to belong to VIP's, of course).

This article is close to my situation, but doesn't quite apply:
XADM: How to Prevent Mail Loss When Move Mailbox Operation Is Unsuccessful

I did actually make a change to one attribute to USER's mailbox and waited
for the directory to synch, as suggested in the above KB article.  Didn't

Before I contact PSS, any suggestions?

A few more pieces of information:  this problem occurred with about 3% of
the mailboxes I've moved so far.  It happened regardless of whether or not
the NA Groupshield server was running.  I'm able to exmerge these troubled
mailboxes without incident, so I don't this problem has to do with the
priv.edb corruption that prompted this mass-move.  I know I could exmerge
out, delete the directory entry, run the Consistency Adjuster, delete
mailbox, exmerge PST's back in, but I'd rather not do that (these three
mailboxes are all over 1GB, so that would take longer than a "move


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6/28/2004 9:30:32 PM
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