Migrating Groupwise 5.5 mail

I am not sure what I am missing. I have separate 2003 sp1 server with
client and groupwise 525 client that I am using for the intermediary
migration machine.  I can run groupwise and get mail on the
intermediary. I run 
Mailmmig.exe from the cd and attempt a one-step migration. Path to
files c:\temp\1.
I opt to migrate to my Exchange server, and the server/store are
automatically through AD. When I press NEXT, I receive EXCHANGE SERVER

MIGRATION WIZARD alert "The address book is unavailable. Check that the

Microsoft Exchange Server is still available." 
Other articles mention making sure I have access to emsui32.dll in the

system32 directory, which I do, and I have also copied it into a
folder on the migration machine (separate machine) along with the
entire BIN 
file from program files\exchsvr directory. I have even tried to run 
MailMig.exe remotely from a unc path pointing to the bin folder on the
exchange server, and can not get around this message. 

Out of curiousity, I tried to run it from the exchange program menu on
exchange server itself, and I did not get this message, but I could not

proceed, because it said it could not find the gw api, and I did not
want to 
install wms and groupwise client on the server.

Do I actually have to "install" the migration tuility on the
intermediary machine? How do I do that?

Does anyone have any specific guidelines to overcome this problem, or
information on the migration process that might have been overlooked in
standard microsoft documents and prepared avi presentations? From what
I can see, most of the docs refer to 2000 exchange...

All help is appreciated. 

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