malformed X400 address, Event 290

A non-delivery report (reason code unable-to-transfer and=20
diagnostic code unrecognised-OR-name) is being generated=20
for message C=3DUS;A=3D ;P=3D<removed> U;L=3D<removed>. It was=20
originally destined for=20
(recipient number 3), and was to be redirected to . [MTA=20
DISP:RESULT 19 136] (12)=20

all the info looks to be correct as far as I can tell,=20
and I've seen several q articles that state the MTA is=20
mis-configured. comparing the MTA settings in Raw mode=20
between the origional production server and this new=20
server shows all settings to be the same except the=20
server name. any idea?
anonymous (74722)
12/29/2003 3:53:17 PM
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"a_jermo" <> wrote:

>A non-delivery report (reason code unable-to-transfer and 
>diagnostic code unrecognised-OR-name) is being generated 
>for message C=US;A= ;P=<removed> U;L=<removed>. It was 
>originally destined for 
>(recipient number 3), and was to be redirected to . [MTA 
>DISP:RESULT 19 136] (12) 
>all the info looks to be correct as far as I can tell, 
>and I've seen several q articles that state the MTA is 
>mis-configured. comparing the MTA settings in Raw mode 
>between the origional production server and this new 
>server shows all settings to be the same except the 
>server name. any idea?

Maybe the address was in an old message that was replied to and the
address no longer is present in the directory?

The event-id 290 (you didn't post that, but it's what I think it is)
look like a regular NDR event.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
richnews (7316)
12/30/2003 2:06:55 AM

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