mailbox with joining domain

I've installed 2k7 and noticed that i cannot use an outlook profile unless a 
user joins the domain, is there a way to get around this..? do i have to 
install rpc over http? thank in advance for the help.
MadAdmin (3)
4/30/2007 1:04:00 AM
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RPC over HTTP doesn't have anything to do with the security problem you're 

You can use an Outlook profile that's manually configured to get to Exchange 

"MadAdmin" <> wrote in message
> I've installed 2k7 and noticed that i cannot use an outlook profile unless 
> a
> user joins the domain, is there a way to get around this..? do i have to
> install rpc over http? thank in advance for the help. 

awebb7472 (650)
4/30/2007 3:01:07 AM
i've tried to manually configure a mailbox and it can be done but it will not 
accept the password and refuses to sign the user on.

"andy webb" wrote:

> RPC over HTTP doesn't have anything to do with the security problem you're 
> having.
> You can use an Outlook profile that's manually configured to get to Exchange 
> 2007.
> "MadAdmin" <> wrote in message 
> > I've installed 2k7 and noticed that i cannot use an outlook profile unless 
> > a
> > user joins the domain, is there a way to get around this..? do i have to
> > install rpc over http? thank in advance for the help. 
MadAdmin (3)
4/30/2007 12:38:02 PM

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