mailbox warning message

Exchange server 5.5
Can you tell me where I can find the text? file that 
contains the default warning message when a users mailbox 
breaches its limit. I would like to edit this message

many thanks

11/19/2003 4:14:41 PM
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There is no Microsoft supported way of doing this.  I would suggest you call
PSS to find alternatives, and if you would like, have the person you work
with email or call me.

Dan Winter, MCSE
Microsoft Exchange Support

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purposes only.
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"adam" <> wrote in message
> Exchange server 5.5
> Can you tell me where I can find the text? file that
> contains the default warning message when a users mailbox
> breaches its limit. I would like to edit this message
> many thanks
> adam
> .

dwinter (26)
11/20/2003 2:05:05 AM

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