mailbox please HELP!!

hello everyone,

right, i have created 3 mailbox's in in 2003 domain. i have given full
mailbox permissions to a user who needs to use these mailbox for
reciveing and sending mail to external. (helpdesk mailbox)

he can send and receive mail within the domain no problem, but he cant
send to external, the mail bounce's back as undelivered and say's you
do not have send permission contact administrator..

please help, and what have i missed.



3/20/2007 9:06:49 PM
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have you granted the "send as" right to this person on the "security" tab?

Susan Conkey [MVP]

"mcp" <> wrote in message
> hello everyone,
> right, i have created 3 mailbox's in in 2003 domain. i have given full
> mailbox permissions to a user who needs to use these mailbox for
> reciveing and sending mail to external. (helpdesk mailbox)
> he can send and receive mail within the domain no problem, but he cant
> send to external, the mail bounce's back as undelivered and say's you
> do not have send permission contact administrator..
> please help, and what have i missed.
> Thanks
> Z

sconkey (3059)
3/20/2007 9:11:26 PM

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