mailbox permissions question

i have a vip that needs to know that NO ONE has access to hi mailbox except 
him. unfortunately mailbox permissions are a tad confusing when you view 
them in AD. im afraid that if i remove anything the mailbox wont work 
anymore. whats the simplest way to do what i need? could i remove every 
person and service from the permissions on his mailbox leaving only him with 
full access? probably not, right? 

12/7/2005 12:53:21 PM
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And it really depends upon how over laden with other processes your exchang 
environment is, and at what level the permissions are set.

For example, your backup software account will need access.  If you use 
Blackberry Enterprise Servers, or Cisco Unity, or (etc) those service 
accounts will need access.  The account that exchange runs under as a 
service needs permissions.

In ESM, if you right-click on the ORG object at the very top, and choose 
"Delegate Permissions", and click through the first nag screen, you will see 
a list of accounts that have been assigned permissions to the exchang 
eORganization.  They should be fairly explanitory as to what they are about. 
I would not recommend changing or removing any of them unless you know 
exactly what they are for, and what it will break if you do remove them.

"Jimmy D" <NOSPAM_jjd228@optonline.net_NOSPAM> wrote in message 
>i have a vip that needs to know that NO ONE has access to hi mailbox except 
>him. unfortunately mailbox permissions are a tad confusing when you view 
>them in AD. im afraid that if i remove anything the mailbox wont work 
>anymore. whats the simplest way to do what i need? could i remove every 
>person and service from the permissions on his mailbox leaving only him 
>with full access? probably not, right?

tfelts (292)
12/7/2005 2:06:36 PM

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