keeping users out

Is there a way to keep end users from trying to access their email while I 
am working on the server? Basically I need the whole box up and running like 
it should with the exception of everyone trying to access their accounts. 
This is exchange2k


Vince (257)
4/4/2006 3:46:02 PM
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I don't know if this works in Exchange 2000, but there is this article:

why do you want users to not be able to connect?

Susan Conkey [MVP]

"Vince" <> wrote in message
> Is there a way to keep end users from trying to access their email while I
> am working on the server? Basically I need the whole box up and running
> it should with the exception of everyone trying to access their accounts.
> This is exchange2k
> Thanks
> Vince

sconkey (3059)
4/4/2006 4:01:04 PM
i need to do updates, defrag the local drive, etc... and my user base is not 
what you would call understanding, if it is at all possible for them to get 
in they will make a huge fuss that "it was working a minute ago" and I just 
really don't want to answer phone calls all day about why it was working then 
not then working again. And since i work for a small local gov, they dont let 
me work after hours unless it is an emergency.

thanks for the reply - Vince
Vince (257)
4/4/2006 4:27:01 PM
On Tue, 4 Apr 2006 09:01:04 -0700, "Susan"
<> wrote:

>I don't know if this works in Exchange 2000, but there is this article:
>why do you want users to not be able to connect?

Or maybe:;en-us;288894
"How to disable MAPI client access to an Exchange Server 2003 computer
or to an Exchange 2000 Server computer"

though it is limited to mapi clients.

adavid (8731)
4/4/2006 4:40:16 PM
I think the MAPI block is the way to go, but I followed the instructions in 
the KB and restarted the store, yet everyone can still login.

Any thought?

Vince (257)
4/5/2006 1:33:02 PM

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