Issues with public folder permissions


I'm new to Exchange and have run in to a roadblock trying to set up
public folders for my company.  I quickly read through several
manuals on how to manage public folder permissions and the concepts
seemed simple enough.  Yet when I try to implement access controls
only the settings I place on the "Default" entry in the permissions
dialogue box take effect.  For example:

I have a top level public folder called "Sales and Support" and want
to add one database, "Customer Database."  If I create the top level
folder in Outlook or in ESM the resulting default client permissions

Default (Author)
Me (Owner)
Anonymous (Contributor)

Well, I don't want any default or anonymous access so I set both of
these to "None" and uncheck the "Folder Visible" option as well.  I
add a mail enabled security group called "Sales Group" to the list
give this group "Publishing Editor" permission.

I then log in with John Doe (my test account), a member of "Sales
Group" and look for my new public folder.  It's not there.  I go back
and change the Default entry to include the option "Folder Visible."
Now John Doe can see the folder "Sales and Support."  Back on my
administrative account (using Outlook) I create my "Customer
under the "Sales Group" folder which inherits the permissions of its

I log back on as John Doe expecting to be able to start adding
contacts.  No beans.  I get a permission denied errors.  Once again,
if I add write/Edit permissions to the Default group I can start
adding items.  This is not good and I'm starting to lose my mind
trying to figure it out.  I've tried everything I can think of.  If I
use the Ctrl-click option to view more granular permissions I see a
bunch of Deny flags set, but editing or removing them doesn't seem to
help (it just screws up the mapping).

If I add John Doe directly to the ACL, all of the permissions I give
him take effect, but this goes against everything I know about AD
management.  It has to be groups.  Anything else is silly.

My account never seems to lose access, but then again I'm in every
kind of administrator group AD has to offer.  I've spent my entire
reading and experimenting and have gotten nowhere.  Please help!
What's wrong?  Anything you can suggest would be wonderful and
appreciated, even if it makes me look stupid.

Thanks in advance.  Matthew

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3/5/2007 3:36:38 PM
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"Matthew@Edge" <> wrote:

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>My account never seems to lose access, but then again I'm in every
>kind of administrator group AD has to offer.  I've spent my entire
>reading and experimenting and have gotten nowhere.  Please help!
>What's wrong?  Anything you can suggest would be wonderful and
>appreciated, even if it makes me look stupid.

Use ESM to display the folder's property page. Click the "Permissions"
tab. Now Ctrl+Click the "Client Permissions" button.

That'll show you the NTFS ACL. Do /not/ make any changes from this
dialog box! Just use it to see what the effective permissions are.

You should see just yourself and the security group.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
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Or to these, either:
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