issue with ex2k7 ccr cluster and ntbackup - logs not deleted

hi ng

have a problem with my ex2k7 ccr cluster and ntbackup. because there
is not a backup software available which support ex2k7, we use
ntbackup for online backup. we backup every single database. the
backup is running without problems and the eventlog seems to be clean
but the logs will not deleted. on a single mailbox server, which hold
the public folders, i see that ntbackup works fine and the logs are
deleted after a succesful full backup.
has anybody heard about such a behaviour?
any hint will be appreciated.



3/18/2007 5:59:17 PM
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Are you by chance backing up the passive cluster node with NT Backup?  AFAIK, 
only VSS backups will truncate the logs when taken on the passive node - 
ntbackup will not.  If you are backing up the passive node, try it from the 
active one.

"" wrote:

> hi ng
> have a problem with my ex2k7 ccr cluster and ntbackup. because there
> is not a backup software available which support ex2k7, we use
> ntbackup for online backup. we backup every single database. the
> backup is running without problems and the eventlog seems to be clean
> but the logs will not deleted. on a single mailbox server, which hold
> the public folders, i see that ntbackup works fine and the logs are
> deleted after a succesful full backup.
> has anybody heard about such a behaviour?
> any hint will be appreciated.
> regards
> olaf
SilverICE (243)
3/19/2007 3:59:13 PM

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