in office 2007 we cannto logon exchange mail box

i installed  office 2007 then  arrnage mail  account  , when i configure 
exchange box officce said that  message.0x80040011d

 when i see in network connection gatway not avaliable because dhcp 
automaticly share
when i configure  manullay no  problem.

how can solve


ak1 (1)
4/13/2007 3:24:22 PM
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Twety <> wrote:
> i installed  office 2007 then  arrnage mail  account  , when i
> configure exchange box officce said that  message.0x80040011d

Is your mailbox store mounted?
Can you open this mailbox in OWA?
> when i see in network connection gatway not avaliable because dhcp
> automaticly share
> when i configure  manullay no  problem.

Sorry, I don't quite understand. Do you mean your DHCP server is not giving 
your clients all the settings it's configured to? That would be a Windows 
server or client question, not an Exchange one.

> how can solve
> thanx

lanwench (7567)
4/13/2007 3:39:35 PM

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